Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different

December of 2012 was a month of some significance for my family. Firstly, after much tribulation, incoherent muttering, and the occasional plea for a rain of hellfire and brimstone to fall upon the university, I graduated with my undergraduate degree. There were feastings, rejoicings, and happy dances were performed in abundance. Secondly, I quit my job. The Mrs had told me months earlier, in no uncertain terms, that I was becoming a grumpy person and should leave my place of employment and focus on school. I harrumphed, and likely sneered, and continued in my life of working and schooling. Slowly stewing in an atmosphere of stress and misery, largely self-inflicted as I did what I’ve always been taught, “is best for my future,” I came to realize change is a good thing and I needed some of it. So, at the dawn of 2013 I found myself to be a new college grad, voluntarily unemployed, and on the cusp of a great adventure. After years of schedules, classes, and deadlines it was time for something completely different. I had no idea what I was in for.

Things sure feel different when, "adventure is out there," as opposed to, "adventure is here right now!"
My goal over the next few weeks is to document some of our adventures and some of the things I have learned during the last year. I cringe when I see online posts that read like a personal journal entry, so I hope to present these experiences in an enjoyable and easily understood fashion. However, this is not being written as a “public service,” attempting to teach, preach, or otherwise inspire. In fact, it’s more of a personal service, as I believe it’s important to keep a record of experiences and thoughts, but I wish to avoid the hand cramps that come from holding a pen. Presenting these things in an online forum utilizes a new middle ground created by the internet between personal journal writing and an autobiography. Simply put, I’m doing this for me, but anyone who wishes to come along is welcome. Plus, this helps me procrastinate washing the dishes. 

It's like they're watching me right now...
Hopefully this will be an enjoyable time for us all, even though some of the posts will be extra wordy. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of pictures in the future for those who don’t like nouns, verbs, and the like. 
See? A pretty picture, just for you!

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